"Son." After Búri, the first man, had been licked from the salty ice-blocks by the primeval cow Auðumbla, he begot a son named Borr. The manner of Borr's birth is not known, nor is there any mention of a mother. Borr wedded a woman named Bestla, the daughter of Bölþorn the giant, and they had three sons: Odin, Vili, and . These three, who are referred to in the Eddas as the "sons of Borr," slew the proto-giant Ymir and fashioned the heaven and the earth from his body.

Borr is also called Bur (bur is a poetic noun which means "son"). He is mentioned in a verse by the Icelandic skald Þorvaldr blönduskáld:

Now have I much
In the middle grasped
Of the son of Borr,
Of Búri's heir.



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