A good man who was killed by the giant Thardid Jimbo, who then roasted his body and hung it on a tree. The giant then went to his home and desired to make Mummulbery's two wives, sisters, his own, but they managed to kill him. After Thardid Jimbo's death, the sisters, who were the daughters of a respected medicine man, bid their father to come over. He asked them if they would go and join their husband in the spirit world or if they would like him to return and live with them on earth. They said that should their husband come in the flesh and take them they would be willing to go into the spirit world with him.

Their father looked up into the Milky Way and prayed to the Father of Spirits, Nepelle, to manifest his power and send their husband to take his wives and shine for ever in the spirit world. Mummulbery's spirit entered his body, which suddenly became alive and perfect. Staying only to say goodbye to his father-in-law, and until the sisters had embraced their father a final time, he ascended with his wives into heaven.



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