Thardid Jimbo

A great giant in Aboriginal folklore. He stood seven feet high and had powerful arms and legs. He lived on goannas, lizards, and snakes. Once he killed a good man named Mummulbery, roasted the body and hung it on a tree. The giant then followed Mummulbery's tracks to his home and came upon his two sister-wives. He told to the frightened women that he had killed their husband and desired to make them his own wives. The elder sister tricked him going into a cave and while he was in there closed the entrance with boughs, sticks, and logs, and set the wood on fire. The smoke filled the cave and Thardid Jimbo ran to the entrance, but found a blazing fire in front of him. He tried to leap over it but fell short and dropped into the fire and was quickly consumed by the flames.



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