seua saming

In Thai folklore, a beautiful, sexy woman skilled in black magic. Whenever there is a full moon, she looks for a man but after their love making she will turn into a fierce tiger and devour her mate.

There are many variations of this myth. Usually it is a woman who can transform into a tiger, but sometimes it is a tiger that can transform itself into a person. It also varies per location. In urban areas they are believed to prowl the streets. In remote areas, such as the jungles of the Thai/Laotian border, tiger hunters are doomed to become a tigers themselves, because the souls of the tigers they have killed combine to seek revenge.

When old tigers turn to killing people, it is because each human life taken empowers it. The animal is able use the souls of the people it devoured to transform itself in one of its prior victims in order to trap the next. The seua saming usually appears in three incarnations: a serene monk sitting beneath a tree, a crying baby lost in the forest, and a beautiful maiden bathing naked in stream. When a person approaches, the trap is sprung, and the seua saming transforms back into a tiger to catch its victim.