The third son of Odin, and father of Rerir, according to Völsunga saga and the euhemeristic account of the gods by Snorri Sturluson. He may be regarded as the progenitor of the doomed line of Völsungs.

Once, while hunting for deer, Sigi was bested by Breði, the thrall of Skaði, who had slain more deer. Angered that a thrall should out-do him at deer hunting, he killed Breði and hid the body in a snowdrift. Then he went home and in the evening told that Breði had ridden away from him and was soon out of his sight. Skaði doubted the tale of Sigi and sent men to seek for him. They found Breði's body and Sigi was declared an outlaw. He left his land and fought many wars, and ever prevailed. At last he won by his wars land and lordship, took a noble wife, and became a mighty king, ruling over the land of the Huns.

Sigi had made many enemies during his long reign, among whom his brothers-in-law, and in his old age they killed him. Rerir gathered an army and took both the lands and the kingdom of his father. He became an even mightier man than his father before him.



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