The son of Sigi, and grandson of Odin. In Völsunga saga it is recounted how king Rerir and his wife were unable to conceive, so they prayed to the gods to grant them a child. Odin hears their prayers, as does Freyja, and the latter sends her casket-bearing maid, Hljóð, to bring the couple an apple of fertility. Hljóð assumes the shape of a crow and drops the apple in the king's lap.

Rerir knows what the apple is for and shares it with his wife, and she soon conceives. Before she can give birth however, Rerir goes off on a campaign, and dies of sickness. His wife stays pregnant for six winters, and when at last she feels that she may not live long, she asks the child be cut from her body. The boy, who by that time is already well-grown, is named Völsung. He becomes a great warrior.



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