"Singing stone", "Chanting stone." A verse from the tenth-century skaldic poem Húsdrápa by Úlfr Uggason, and quoted by Snorri Sturluson, mentions Singasteinn as the place where Heimdallr contended with Loki over a precious stone (sea-kidney):

The famed rain-bow's defender,
Ready in wisdom, striveth
At Singasteinn with Loki,
Fárbauti's sin-sly offspring;
The son of mothers eight and one,
Mighty in wrath, possesses
The Stone ere Loki cometh;
I make known songs of praise.

Snorri makes this stone or object they fought over the Brísinga-men, the famed necklace of Freyja, and adds that they were in seal form.



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