In Ynglinga saga, Svegðir took the kingdom of Sweden from his father, and made a solemn vow to see Godheim and Odin. He went out with twelve men and traveled through the world, but after five years he returned home. There he stayed for a while and married a woman from Vanheim, who was called Vana, and they had a son, Vanlande. After some time he set out to seek again for Godheim. He came upon a mansion on the east side of Svíþjóð called Stein. Nearby was a huge stone, a big as a house. In the evening after sunset, as Svegðir was going from the drinking-table to his sleeping-room, he saw a dwarf sitting under the stone. Svegðir and his man, who were both very drunk, ran towards the stone. The dwarf stood in the door, and called out to Svegðir, inviting him in so that he could see Odin. Svegðir ran into the stone, which instantly closed behind him, and Svegðir was never seen again.

Þjóðólfr of Hvinir tells of this:

By Diurnir's elfin race,
Who haunt the cliffs and shun day's face,
The valiant Swegde was deceived,
The elf's false words the king believed.
The dauntless hero rushing on,
Passed through the yawning mouth of stone:
It yawned — it shut — the hero fell,
In Saekmime's hall, where giants dwell.



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