"Sleep-maker." The daughter of king Eylimi. She was a valkyrie and rode through air and water. In the eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar she was the beloved of Helgi Hjörvardsson. It was she who gave Helgi his name, and afterwards often protected him in battle. She also gave him the location of a great sword.

Helgi became a renowned warrior and asked Eylimi for Sváva's hand, and they were married. Sváva remained home with her father, while Helgi was engaged in warfare. After he was mortally wounded by Álfr in a conflict at Frekastein, he sent his attendant Sigarr to bring his wife to him so that they may be together one last time. Before he died, Helgi asked Sváva to take his brother Heðinn as her lover:

41. I pray thee, Svava!
weep not, my wife!
if thou wilt
my voice obey
that for Hedin thou
a couch prepare,
and the young prince
in thy arms clasp.
42. I had said,
in our pleasant home,
when for me Helgi
rings selected,
that I would not gladly,
after my king's departure,
an unknown prince
clasp in my arms.
43. Kiss me, Svava!
I will not return,
Rógheim to behold,
nor Rödulsfiöll,
before I have avenged
Hiörvard's son,
who was of kings
under the sun the best.

The valkyrie Sigrún is mentioned in Helgakviða Hundingsbana II as her reincarnation.



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