Tasik Dayang Bunting

"Lake of the Pregnant Maid." A fresh water lake on Pulau Dayang Bunting, an island off the coast of Langkawi, Malaysia. It is believed to make a woman who drinks from it pregnant. The origin lies in the story of the celestial princess Mambang Sari and a man named Maj Teja. Maj Teja fell in love with Mambang Sari but did not know how to confess his love for her. Following the advise of an old man named Tok Diang, he applied the tears of a mermaid to his face before he saw her again. She responded and he began courting her.

Mambang Sari became pregnant and when she was about to give birth she chose Tasik Dayang Beranak as the location. Unfortunately, the baby died after seven days of some illness and she laid it to rest in the lake, which became later known as Tasik Dayang Bunting.



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