The Bibinga ancestor of the Alcheringa. The snake Ulanji arose, according to tradition, at a place called Markumundana, where he came out of the ground. He walked along to a big sand-hill, Windilumba, where he made a spring, and also a mountain close by. He crossed what is now known as the Limmen Creek, and made a range of hills and a valley, with a large number of water-holes and plenty of lilies in them. He left behind numbers of Ulanji spirits wherever he performed ceremonies. These spirits emanated from his body. After travelling over a great extent of country, and making many mungai spots, he finally went into the ground at a big water-hole called Uminiwura.

The Binbinga believe that both men and women can see the spirit children at the mungai spots.



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This article incorporates text from Northern Tribes of Central Australia (1904) by Sir Baldwin Spencer, which is in the public domain.