The glittering, golden cock that sits on the highest bough of the tree Mímameiðr, according to the eddic poem Fjölsvinnsmál:

34. Vithofnir his name,
and now he shines
Like lightning on Mimameith's limbs;
And great is the trouble
with which he grieves
Both Surt and Sinmora.
— Bellows trans.
25. Vidofnir he is called;
in the clear air he stands,
in the boughs of Mima's tree:
afflictions only brings,
together indissoluble,
the swart bird at his lonely meal.
— Thorpe trans.

The poem further states that Víðópnir can only be killed with the weapon Lævateinn.

Surtr is the giant who rules the fire-world, but seems here to represent giants in general. It is not known who Sinmara is, possibly Surtr's wife.



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