"Held by Jehovah." The name of various biblical personages:

  1. The son and successor of Ahab. He followed the counsels of his mother Jezebel, and imitated in wickedness the ways of his father. In his reign the Moabites revolted from under his authority.1 He united with Jehoshaphat in an attempt to revive maritime trade by the Red Sea, which proved a failure.2 His messengers, sent to consult the god of Ekron regarding his recovery from the effects of a fall from the roof-gallery of his palace, were met on the way by Elijah, who sent them back to tell the king that he would never rise from his bed.3
  2. The son of Joram, or Jehoram, and sixth king of Judah. Called Jehoahaz,4 and Azariah.5 Guided by his idolatrous mother Athaliah, his reign was disastrous.6 He joined his uncle Jehoram, king of Israel, in an expedition against Hazael, king of Damascus; but was wounded at the pass of Gur when attempting to escape, and had strength only to reach Megiddo, where he died.7 He reigned only one year.



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This article incorporates text from Easton’s Bible Dictionary (1897) by M.G. Easton, which is in the public domain.