In the short narrative Sörla þáttr, Álfrigg, Dvalinn, Berlingr, and Grérr were four dwarfs who dwelt in a large rock. One day, Freyja came upon the rock and found it open. Inside the four dwarfs were forging a gold necklace, which was almost finished. Freyja desired the necklace and asked them to sell it to her, offering gold and silver and other costly treasures in exchange for it. The dwarfs replied that they were not in need of money, but each said that he would give up his share in the necklace if she agreed to lie one night with each of them. After four nights they gave Freyja the necklace and she returned with it to her bower.

The necklace in question may be the Brísinga-men, but this is not explicitly stated.



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