"Will." According Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning, a son of Borr and Bestla, and brother of Odin and . They slew the giant Ymir and made the world out his body. The brothers also created the first man and woman from a pair of trees: the first brother gave them spirit and life; the second, wit and feeling; the third, form, speech, hearing, and sight. They also give them their name: Askr and Embla.

In Völuspá, stanza 4, the creation of the world is simply attributed to Borr's sons, and stanza 18 states it was Odin, Hœnir, and Lóðurr who created the first humans.

In Ynglinga saga, Vé and Vili took over Odin's domain during his period of exile, as well as his wife Frigg — a fact that Loki accuses her of in Lokasenna, which is the only eddic poem that mentions both brothers by name.



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