"Bloody-moisture." A jötunn, possibly an alternate name for the primeval giant Ymir, out of whose blood the race of dwarfs was made, according to Völuspá, stanza 9:

Then sought the gods
their assembly-seats,
The holy ones,
and council held,
To find who should raise
the race of dwarfs
Out of Brimir's blood
and the legs of Bláin.
— Bellows trans.

Later in the poem it appears to refer to a beer hall of the jötnar, or to its owner. It stands in Ókólnir:

37. Northward a hall
in Nithavellir
Of gold there rose
for Sindri's race
And in Okolnir
another stood,
Where the giant Brimir
his beer-hall had.
— Bellows trans.
41. On the north there stood,
on Nida-fells,
a hall of gold,
for Sindri's race;
and another stood
in Okolnir,
the Jötuns beer-hall
which Brimir hight.
— Thorpe trans.

Snorri Sturluson adds that there is plenteous abundance of good drink, for them that esteem that a pleasure, in the hall which is called Brimir. In this hall, and in the hall Sindri, shall dwell good men and pure in heart.



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