"Shining door." The father of Dagr, the personified day, attested in Vafþrúðnismál. Snorri Sturluson adds that he was the third husband of Nótt, and says that "he was of the race of the Æsir."

A Dellingr is mentioned in Fjölsvinnsmál as one of the Æsir's sons who constructed the hall Hyrr. In Hávamál, Odin says that he knows which spells were recited by Þjóðrœrir "in front of Dellingr's doors," but this Dellingr may simply be name of another dwarf.



  • Fjölsvinnsmál, 35.
  • Gylfaginning, 10.
  • Hrafnagaldr Óðins, 24.
  • Hávamál, 162.
  • Vafþrúðnismál, 25.