"Fire." In eddic poem Fjölsvinnsmál, a hall which is girt round with a curious flickering flame. When Svipdagr inquires about the name of this hall, the giant Fjölsviðr replies:

Hyr it is called,
and it will long
tremble as on a lance's point.
This sumptuous house
shall, for ages hence,
be but from hearsay known.

Svipdagr then asks, Which of the Æsir's sons has that constructed, which within the court I saw? Fjölsviðr lists several names:

Uni and Iri,
Bari and Ori,
Var and Vegdrasil,
Dorri and Uri,
Delling and Atvard,
Lidskialf and Loki.

The only divinity seems to be Loki, although Dellingr is said by Snorri Sturluson to have been of the race of the Æsir, but it quite possibly refers to another figure. Uni, Íri, Bári, Óri, Varr, Vegdrasill, Dóri, Úri, Atvarðr, and Líðskjalfr are presumably the names of dwarfs. The manuscripts differ as to the forms of many of these names.



  • Fjölsvinnsmál, 33-35