"Much-wise." The name of the eponymous giant of the poem Fjölsvinnsmál. He is the guardian of the beautiful Menglöð. He sees the hero Svipdagr coming and stops him with the customary threats. Svipdagr, who calls himself Vindkaldr, asks a series of questions, which the giant duly answers. His final question is if there is a man who may win Menglöð:

Tell me, Fiölsvith!
that which I will ask thee,
and I desire to know:
whether there is any man
that may in Menglöd's
soft arms sleep?

And the giant answers:

There is no man
who may in Menglöd's
soft arms sleep,
save only Svipdag;
to him the sun-bright maid
is for wife betrothed.

At this point Svipdagr reveals his true name and Fjölsviðr allows him to enter Menglöð's hall.

Fjölsviðr is also found as a name for Odin and as that of a dwarf.



  • Fjölsvinnsmál.