The Beguiling of Gylfi

"Wanderer." The name assumed by the legendary Swedish king Gylfi in his guise as wanderer. When he came upon a huge hall in a town of the Æsir, the man in the doorway asked Gylfi his name. He called himself Gangleri, and said he had come by the path of the serpent, and prayed for lodging for the night. He was taken inside and there met three mysterious figures of Hárr, Jafnhárr, and Þridi. Hárr challenged him to show his wisdom by asking questions, all of which concerned the Norse gods. After his questioning, the hall and its inhabitants disappeared and Gangleri found himself alone on a plain, and returned home.

Gangleri is also one of the many names used by Odin.



  • Gylfaginning.