"Protectress." One of the Ásynjur, according to Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning. He says that she is responsible for protecting the favorites of Frigg:

The twelfth is Hlín: she is established as keeper over those men whom Frigg desires to preserve from any danger; thence comes the saying, that he who escapes hleinir.

In Völuspá she is mentioned in the stanza foretelling Odin's death at Ragnarök:

Then arises
Hlin's second grief,
when Odin goes
with the wolf to fight,
and the bright slayer
of Beli with Surt.
Then will Frigg's
beloved fall.

It has been theorized that Hlín is another name for Frigg. In skaldic poetry Hlín frequently appears in woman kennings.

1. Hleinir, "protects?"



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