"Howling." The daughter of the jötunn Hrímnir. She was the casket-bearing maid (or wish-maid) of Frigg, who sent her to bring the apple of fertility to the childless Rerir, in answer to his prayers. Hljóð assumed the shape of a crow and dropped the apple in the lap of the king. Rerir gave part of it to his wife to eat and she eventually became pregnant with Völsung.

After Völsung had become a man, Hrímnir sent Hljóð to be his wife. Together they had ten sons, the eldest of whom was Sigmundr, and a daughter, called Signý.

By bringing the apple of fertility to Rerir, Hljóð was instrumental in the conception and birth of her own husband.

In some translations it is Freyja who sends Hljóð.



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