"Flock of cold space." One of the spirit hosts who dwelt with Tāne and Rangi in the upper worlds. The Kahui- anu persisted in their efforts to draw the Kahui-tahu and the Kahui-tao to evil and rebellion. Rangi therefore gave the order to expel them, and to Tāne the power to cast them out and throw them down from the first heaven, that they might all fall down to the various Pōs.

On their arrival in the Pōs they did not cause very great evil, but they taught Tama-tau-weka and Rongo-ma-rae-roa to kill the creatures Tāne had made on earth, and thus be revenged for having been thrown down from the heavens.



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This article incorporates text from Ancient History of the Maori (1887) by John White, which is in the public domain.