Yak Manoid

An earth goddess of northern Malaysia. The Kenta people regard her as the creator of the first humans. She is the wife of the thunder god Kari, who communicates with her by lightning. They are propitiated for sins by pouring blood on the ground for her, by flicking it toward the sky for him. Together with Kalcheng and Takel she guards the root of the pillar which supports heaven, the Batu Herem. These three grandmothers also make the waters rise from under the earth, causing henweh. The dragonfly, Tanong, carries the messages from ta Ped'n to Manoid when the people have committed some impious act and incurred this punishment. Yak Manoid gives fruit on earth, which she steals from Tak Pern and throws it down, whereupon the whole land becomes full of fruit of every kind.

Yak Manoid is the grandmother of Kaei and ta Ped'n, also of Begjag.



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