The daughter of Gevarus, the king of the Ruthenius. After the death of his son Balderus (Baldr) at the hands of Høtherus (Höðr), Othinus (Odin) is told by the wizard Hrossthiof to father a child on Rinda (Rindr). Othinus woos her first as a victorious warrior, then as a generous goldsmith, and finally as a handsome soldier, but he is rebuffed each time. When Rinda becomes ill, he disguises himself as Wecha, a woman skilled in leechcraft. He convinces her father to tie her down, claiming this is necessary to administer a certain drug, but when he is alone with her he rapes her. Rinda gives birth to a son called Bous who would later avenge kill Høtherus, thus avenging the death of Balderus.



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