"Pit of the world stream." A personage of pre-diluvian times. He was the most learned in all matters relating to life. He preached the words of life to Rua-tai-pō (pit of the night stream) and the greater portion of his people. Rua-tai-ao called to those disobedient people, and said "Hearken. I am possessed of the power to make peace and give life to this world. I possess the knowledge of true worship. I also have the knowledge of eating temperately. I have the power to keep man from looking aside. I have also the power to make fire burn for sacrifice and for the service of man. I have the power to teach man not to eat whilst walking. I have all power over life in this world." He laid before Rua-tai-pō the whole of this knowledge; but that proud disobedient evil-doer would not heed the words of Rua-tai-ao; but persisted in doing evil. This caused Rua-tai-ao to draw out his left hand over Rua-tai-pō and all his people, and send them by thousands to destruction. He was succeeded by Marohi.



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This article incorporates text from Ancient History of the Maori (1887) by John White, which is in the public domain.