"Son of the one bowl." In one genealogy, Rehua was the first begotten son of Rangi and Papa-tū-a-nuku. His coming was as the flashing of light, and from him sprang Tama-i-te-oko-tahi, who begat Te-whai-tu-tahi-a-iwa (the joint-following of the nine), from whom descended the Tihinga (pinnacle of the hill), who was father of Rakeka (Rakenga) (bare), who was father of Rangi-ma-kawe-kawe (locks of hair of heaven), who begat Rangi-whaka-upoko (head of heaven). The sister of Rehua was called Ha-kina (breath of the sea-urchin).

These were all spirits, and, with the innumerable hosts of Rehua, inhabited the upper heavens: they did not appear in this world.



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This article incorporates text from Ancient History of the Maori (1887) by John White, which is in the public domain.