A son of Aeacus and Endeïs, and a brother of Peleus. He emigrated from Aegina to Salamis, and was first married to Glauce, a daughter of Cychreus,1 and afterwards to Periboea or Eriboea, a daughter of Alcathous, by whom he became the father of Ajax.2 He was one of the Calydonian Hunters and of the Argonauts.3 Miltiades traced his pedigree to Telamon.4

After Telamon and Peleus had killed their step-brother Phocus, they were expelled by Aeacus from Aegina, and Telamon went to Cychreus in Salamis, who bequeathed to him his kingdom.5 He is said to have been a great friend of Heracles,6 and to have joined him in his expedition against Laomedon of Troy, which city he was the first to enter. He there erected to Heracles Callinicus or Alexicacus, an altar. Heracles, in return, gave to him Theaneira or Hesione, a daughter of Laomedon, by whom he became the father of Teucer and Trambelus.7 On this expedition Telamon and Heracles also fought against the Meropes in Cos, on account of Chalciope, the beautiful daughter of Eurypylus, the king of the Meropes, and against the giant Alcyoneus, on the isthmus of Corinth.8 He also accompanied Heracles on his expedition against the Amazons, and slew Melanippe.9