Ten Miracles

Contributed by Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis

According to Avot de Rabbi Natan, ten miracles alluded to in the Bible were already preordained at Creation and merely awaited their appointed time to occur:

  1. The mouth of the earth that swallowed Korah and his companions;
  2. Miriam's well;
  3. The mouth on Balaam's donkey;
  4. The rainbow;
  5. Manna;
  6. The Rod of Moses;
  7. The shamir worm;
  8. The supernal script on the first tablet of the Ten Commandments;
  9. The divine pen for writing the script;
  10. The stone tablets able to withstand the script.

The ram that Abraham caught in the thicket at Mount Moriah is sometimes included in the list, which varies considerably.

Article copyright © 2004 Geoffrey Dennis.



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