"Great repairer." A pre-diluvian personage, formed from the loins of Haumea. When the time drew near that he should be born he sent his messengers before him. His elder brothers wished to kill the messengers, but were not brave enough to attempt the deed. On this account Tū-tawake began to repeat his incantations, on the completion of which he came forth, with a hani in his hand; and when seen by the people of Tai-rea they wondered. He addressed the great nations of the world, and said, "Hearken to my words;" but they would not listen: hence he destroyed the thousands of Tai-rea, and drove multitudes of them into the forest. This was called the battle of Tai-pari-pari ("flowing tide").



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This article incorporates text from Ancient History of the Maori (1887) by John White, which is in the public domain.