"Corn-boy?" In the eddic poem Lokasenna, the manservant of Freyr. He is the husband of Beyla. Outraged by the behavior of Loki towards his master, he threatens to deal with him:

43. "Know that were I of noble race,
like Ingun's Frey,
and had so fair a dwelling,
than marrow softer I would bray
that ill-boding crow,
and crush him limb by limb.
44. "What little thing is that I see
wagging its tail,
and snapping eagerly?
At the ears of Frey
thou shouldst ever be,
and clatter under mills.
45. "Byggvir I am named,
and am thought alert,
by all gods and men;
therefore am I joyful here,
that all the sons of Hropt
drink beer together."
46. "Be silent, Byggvir!
Thou couldst never
dole out food to men,
when, lying in thy truckle bed,
thou wast not to be found,
while men were fighting.

Byggvir and Beyla are not mentioned elsewhere in the poems, and nothing else is known of either Bygvir's swiftness or his cowardice.



  • Lokasenna, 43-46.