"Fetter." The second of the fetters with which the Æsir sought to bind the wolf Fenrir. Although it was stronger than the previous fetter, Lædingr, it proved to be no match for the wolf's strength:

The Æsir made a second fetter, stronger by half, which they called Drómi, and bade the Wolf try that fetter, saying he would become very famous for strength, if such huge workmanship should not suffice to hold him. But the Wolf thought that this fetter was very strong; he considered also that strength had increased in him since the time he broke Lædingr: it came into his mind, that he must expose himself to danger, if he would become famous. So he let the fetter be laid upon him. Now when the Æsir declared themselves ready, the Wolf shook himself, dashed the fetter against the earth and struggled fiercely with it, spurned against it, and broke the fetter, so that the fragments flew far. So he dashed himself out of Drómi.

Seeing that their second attempt had failed, the Æsir sent Skírnir to the land of the black elves to have them make an unbreakable fetter, which was named Gleipnir. And with this fetter they were finally able to bind Fenrir.

Snorri Sturluson says it passed as a proverb, "to loose out of Lædingr," or "to dash out of Drómi," when anything was exceedingly hard.



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