"Joyous." One of the steeds the Æsir ride each day when they go to their tribunal at Yggdrasil, according to Grímnismál:

Glad and Gyllir,
Gler and Skeidbrimir,
Sillfrintopp and Sinir,
Gisl and Falhofnir,
Gulltopp and Lettfeti;
on these steeds the Æsir
each day ride,
when they to council go,
at Yggdrasil's ash.

The name of the god who rode Glaðr is not stated. Odin's horse Sleipnir is notably absent in this stanza, although Snorri Sturluson includes him in his list in Gylfaginning. Snorri also places the tribunal of the Æsir at the Urðarbrunnr, beneath one of Yggdrasil's roots.



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