"Bright home." A realm in Ásgarðr, and the location of Valhalla, according to Grímnismál, in which Odin enumerates the abodes of the gods:

Gladsheim the fifth is named,
there the golden-bright
Valhall stands spacious,
there Hropt selects
each day those men
who die by weapons.

In Gylfaginning however, Snorri Sturluson makes it the meeting hall where the Æsir hold council and says that it is located in Iðavöllr. When Gangleri asks what Alföðr did after Ásgarðr was made, Hárr answers:

"In the beginning he established rulers, and bade them ordain fates with him, and give counsel concerning the planning of the town; that was in the place which is called Ida-field, in the midst of the town. It was their first work to make that court in which their twelve seats stand, and another, the high-seat which Allfather himself has. That house is the best-made of any on earth, and the greatest; without and within, it is all like one piece of gold; men call it Gladsheim."

It is near the hall of Vingólf where the Ásynjur gather.



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