"Growing." In the poem Grógaldr, in Svipdagsmál, Gróa is a völva who is summoned from beyond the grave by her son Svipdagr. She helps him in his bridal quest by casting nine spells for him:

6. "I will sing to thee first
one that is thought most useful,
which Rind sang to Ran;
that from thy shoulders thou shouldst cast
what to thee seems irksome:
let thyself thyself direct.
7. "A second I will sing to thee,
as thou hast to wander
joyless on the ways.
May Urd's protection
hold thee on every side,
where thou seest turpitude.
8. "A third I will sing to thee.
If the mighty rivers
to thy life's peril fall,
Horn and Rud,
may they flow down to Hel,
and for thee ever be diminished.
9. "A fourth I will sing to thee.
If foes assail thee
ready on the dangerous road,
their hearts shall fail them,
and to thee be power,
and their minds to peace be turned.
10. "A fifth I will sing to thee.
If bonds be
cast on thy limbs,
friendly spells I will let
on thy joints be sung,
and the lock from thy arms shall start,
(and from thy feet the fetter.)
11. "A sixth I will sing to thee.
If on the sea thou comest,
more stormy than men have known it,
air and water
shall in a bag attend thee,
and a tranquil course afford thee.
12. "A seventh I will sing to thee.
If on a mountain high
frost should assail thee,
deadly cold shall not
thy carcase injure,
nor draw thy body to thy limbs.
13. "An eighth I will sing to thee.
If night overtake thee,
when out on the misty way,
that the dead Christian woman
no power may have
to do thee harm.
14. "A ninth I will sing to thee.
If with a far-famed spear-armed Jötun
thou words exchangest,
of words and wit
to thy mindful heart
abundance shall be given."

She tells her son that no harm shall obstruct his wishes and that he shall have happiness in abundance, and bids him to remember her words. At this point, Grógaldr ends, and Svipdagr, thus fortified, goes to seek Menglöð.

This Gróa may or may not be the same as the Gróa who removed the shard of whetstone from Thor's head.



  • Grógaldr.