"Pure." A naiad of a sacred spring on Mount Lycaeos in Arcadia. During a drought a priest would touch the surface of her spring with the branch of an oak tree whereupon clouds would rise to bring the much needed rains.1

Hagno is said to have reared Zeus on Mount Lycaeus in Arcadia. She is one of four nurses shown on one side of the altar of Athena Alea at Tegea, the other three being Alcinoe, Ide, and Phrixa. The other side shows Glauce, Neda, Theisoa, and Anthracia. The altar was said to have been made by Melampus, son of Amythaon.2

Hagno is also depicted on a table at Megalopolis, carrying a water-pot in one hand and a bowl in the other. She is accompanied by the nymphs Anthracia, Anchirhoe, Myrtoessa, and Neda.3