Summer Maid, the representation or personification of summer. She is concerned with the cultivation of foods products, such as the kumara, and the fruits of the forest. She is one of the two wives of the sun god with whom he lives that half of the year. Their son is Tāne-rore. During the time that the sun spends with his other wife, her sister Hine-takurua, who personifies winter, Hine-raumati dwells with her ancestor Tāne and prepares huahua (preserved birds).

Other children of Rā and Hine-raumati are Hikohiko, Hahana-tu, Tapui-kohu, Aroaro-a-tama, Te Hiko-o-te-rangi, Maiku, Wheriko, and Te Hau-o-puapua.



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