The personification of growth in the vegetable world. She was the most renowned of the children of Tāne-matua and Hine-tītama. She was the wife of Te Kawe-kairangi. It was said that Hine-rau-wharangi was born in the Aonui month of the Orongonui season (about June). When the iho (umbilical cord) of the child came away mother and child were conducted to the porch of the house Hui-te-ananui. The people gathered on the plaza, and Tupai, taking the infant in his arms, recited a tapu formula over it. Then came the Maioha ceremony, and all the people stood up to greet mother and child. The next performance was the Tohu-ururangi rite, carried out by a priest standing in the running waters of a stream.



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