A king who had four wives. The first was Álfhildr, and their son was named Heðinn; the second was Særeiðr, and their son was named Humlungr; the third was Sinrjóð, and their son was named Hymlingr. Hjörvarðr made a vow to wed the most beautiful woman he knew of, and was told that king Sváfnir had a daughter of incomparable beauty. Her name was Sigrlinn. He sent Atli, the son of one of his jarls, to Sváfnir's court to demand her hand. Atli was unsuccessful on his first trip, so Hjörvarðr sent him a second time and this time went with him.

They found Sváfnir's country under attack by a hostile army led by king Hróðmarr, a wooer of Sigrlinn; he had slain Sváfnir and was now ravaging the land. Atli discovered Sigrlinn's hiding place, and gave her to Hjörvarðr.

Hjörvarðr and Sigrlinn had a son, who was tall and comely, and taciturn, and who had no fixed name. He was given a name, Helgi, by the valkyrie Sváva. Hjörvarðr later supplied Helgi with an army to avenge the death his maternal grandfather.



  • Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar.