"Ring-horn", "Ship with a circle on the stem." The funeral ship of Baldr, the greatest of all ships. Since the gods were unable to launch the ship themselves, they enlisted the help of Hyrrokkin, a giantess. She went to the ship and with a single push set it afloat, but the motion was so violent that the fire sparkled from the rollers, and the earth shook all around, much to the annoyance of Thor. Baldr's body was then borne to the funeral pyre on board the ship.

The ceremony had such an effect on Baldr's wife Nanna that she died of grief, and her body was burnt on the same pyre with her husband's. Thor then stood up and hallowed the pile with Mjöllnir, and during the ceremony kicked a dwarf named Litr into the fire. Odin laid on the pyre the ring Draupnir. Finally, Baldr's horse was led to the pyre fully caparisoned, and consumed in the same flames on the body of his master.



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