The daughter of Nepr. According to the Prose Edda she is the wife of Baldr and is by him the mother of Forseti. She died of grief after Baldr's death and her body was burned on the same funeral pyre as her husband's aboard the ship Hringhorni. The couple was reunited in Hel. From the underworld she sent Frigg a linen smock and other gifts, and to Fulla a gold finger-ring.

In Skáldskaparmál Nanna is listed among the Ásynjur who are present at the feast held in honor of Ægir. A kenning for Baldr is Husband of Nanna and a kenning for Frigg is Mother-in-law of Nanna.

In the Gesta Danorum, Nanna was the mortal daughter of King Gevarus (Gewar). The demigod Balderus, the son of Othinus, once saw her bathing and fell in love with her. She rejected him, saying that humans and demigods are incompatible, and married the mortal Høtherus instead.



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