"Churl", "Freeman." After he had visited the home of Aí and Edda, the traveling god Rígr came upon the pleasant home of Afi and Amma. They gave him good food and let him sleep between them in their bed. Nine months later Amma give birth to a son. He had a ruddy face and twinkling eyes, and they named him Karl ("churl," "freeman," or "old man"). He grew up strong and thrived; he learned to make tame oxen, make a plow, build houses, construct barns, make carts, and drive the plow.

Karl married Snör ("daughter-in-law") and they had twelve sons and ten daughters. The names of their sons are: Halr and Drengr, Hölðr, Þegn and Smiðr, Breiðr, Bóndi, Bundinskeggi, Búi and Boddi, Brattskeggr and Seggr. The names of their daughters are: Snót, Brúðr, Svanni, Svarri, Sprakki, Fljóð, Sprund and Víf, Feima, and Ristill. They became the ancestors of the lesser farmers and herdsmen.

See also Þræll and Jarl.

Karl is also one of the many names for Odin.



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