A moon goddess of Peninsular Malaysia. She is the wife of the god of evil, Moyang Bertang, who dwells in the moon and is the maker of nooses for snaring mankind.

The stars are the children of the moon, and the sun had formerly as many. But since they feared that mankind could not support so much brightness and heat, they each agreed to devour their children. The moon, however, instead of eating her stars, hid them from the sight of the sun, who, believing them to be all devoured, ate up her own. No sooner had she done so, however, than the moon brought her own family out of their hiding-places, and the sun on seeing them was filled with despair and rage, and gave chase to the moon in order to kill her. This chase has continued ever since, the sun sometimes succeeding in getting near enough to the moon to be able to bite her, and thus causing an eclipse. The moon still hides all her children during the day when her pursuer is near, and only brings them out at night when she is distant.

The sun is a woman who is tied by a string which her lord is always pulling.



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