A valkyrie and a swan-maiden, the daughter of Kjárr of Valland. She was a companion of Hlaðguðr svanhvít and Hervör alvitr, the daughters of king Hlödvér. One morning, as they were spinning flax on the shore of a lake, they were encountered by the brothers Slagfiðr, Egil, and Völundr. The brothers brought the maidens to their dwelling, where Egil took Ölrún to wife. After several years she and the other two valkyries flew away to find battles, and came back no more. Egil went east to look for her.

Maids flew from the south,
through the murky wood,
Alvit the young,
fate to fulfill.
One of them,
of maidens fairest,
to his comely breast
Egil clasped.
Svanhvit was the second,
she a swan's plumage bore;
but the third,
their sister,
the white neck clasped
of Völund.
There they stayed
seven winters through;
but all the eighth
were with longing seized;
and in the ninth
fate parted them.
The maidens yearned
for the murky wood,
the young Alvit,
fate to fulfill.
From the chase came
the ardent hunters,
Slagfid and Egil,
found their house deserted,
went out and in,
and looked around.
Egil went east
after Ölrún,
and Slagfid west
after Svanhvit;
But Völund alone
remained in Ulfdal.
He the red gold set
with the hard gem,
well fastened all the rings
on linden bast,
and so awaited
his bright consort,
if to him
she would return.



  • Völundarkviða, 1-5.