Hlaðguðr svanhvít

"Hlaðguðr swan-white." A valkyrie, the daughter of king Hlödvér, and sister of Hervör alvitr. The two sisters and a third valkyrie named Ölrún were swan-maidens, living in the lake Ulfsjar. The brothers Slagfiðr, Völundr, and Egil encountered them on the shore of the lake as they were spinning flax, their swan garments lying nearby.

The brothers took the maidens with them to their hall, and each took one of them to wife: Slagfiðr married Hlaðguðr. There the maidens dwelt for seven winters, but in the eighth they were seized with longing and in the ninth they flew away to find battles, and came back no more.



  • Völundarkviða.