A deity by whose assistance Haunga-roa floated from Hawaiki to New Zealand, to bear the report of the "curse of Manaia" to Ngātoro-i-rangi.1 Rongo-mai was discovered in the shape of a whale by the war party of Mara, and the war-party was nearly exterminated by him.2

Rongo-mai in comparatively recent times, appeared in the heavens in the shape of a meteor or comet, seen in the full light of day. This was when the Ngāti-hau tribe had invested the pa named Rangiura at Otaki, occupied by the Ngāti-awa.3

In the Moriori genealogy, Rongo-mai is the son of Tangaroa, and the father of Kāhukura. Rongo-mai was the war-god of the tribes about Taupo Lake.



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