One of the sons of Vóden (Odin). In the prologue to the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson says that Odin gave his son the kingdom later known as Norway, and that "the kings of Norway trace their lineage from him, as do the jarls and other mighty men, as is said in the Háleygjatal." According to Háleygjatal, quoted by Snorri in Ynglinga saga, Sæmingr's mother was Skaði:

To Asa's son Queen Skade bore
Saeming, who dyed his shield in gore, —
The giant-queen of rock and snow,
Who loves to dwell on earth below,
The iron pine-tree's daughter, she
Sprung from the rocks that rib the sea,
To Odin bore full many a son,
Heroes of many a battle won.

In the prologue to Heimskringla, however, Snorri says that, according to Háleygjatal, Sæmingr was a son of Yngvi-Freyr. Sæmingr is listed among the sons of Odin in the Nafnaþulur section of Skáldskaparmál.



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