In the euhemeristic account of the origin of the gods by Snorri Sturluson, the god Odin, here a descendant of Tror. He was a man far-famed for wisdom and every accomplishment. His wife was Frígídá (i.e., Frigg). They left their homeland and traveled north until they came to Saxland. There he tarried for a long time, and took the possession of the land. He set up his three sons — Vegdeg, Beldeg, and Sigi — as land-wardens.

Vóden continued his journey until he came into the land called Reidgothland. He took possession of it and gave it to his son Skjöldr. After that he went north until he came to Sweden, which was ruled by a king named Gylfi, and there he was given the same power as the king. He chose for himself the site of a city which is now called Sigtún. There he established chieftains in the fashion which had prevailed in Troy.

Again he went north, until he was stopped by the sea. He set his son Sæmingr over this kingdom, which was later called Norway. Vóden had with him another son, Yngvi, who became king of Sweden after him.



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