Māori underworld

The ten divisions of the Māori underworld (downward toward darkness) are:

  1. The place of grass and trees, where Tāne-mahuta reigns;
  2. The realm of Rongo-ma-tāne and Haumia-tikitiki;
  3. Te Reinga, governed by Hine-nui-te-pō;
  4. Autōia, the dwelling of Whiro;
  5. Uranga-o-te-Rā, where lives Rohe, the wife of Māui, who kills all the spirits she can;
  6. Hikutoia;
  7. Pouturi;
  8. The home of Miru;
  9. Toke;
  10. Meto, or Ameto (extinction).

The first four are ruled over by Hine-nui-te-pō; realms five to seven are ruled by Rohe; and the last three by Meru. See also Māori heaven.



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