"Rag." In Völuspá, the hound that is chained up in Gnipahellir and whose howling will heard at Ragnarök. At that time the great monster shall be loosed from its bounds, and shall do battle with the one-handed Týr, and each become the other's slayer.

In Baldrs draumar, Odin journeys to Hel and along the way he encounters a blood-stained dog, but identification with Garmr is in no way certain:

It was blood-stained
on its breast,
on its slaughter-craving throat,
and nether jaw.
It bayed
and widely gaped
at the sire of magic song:
long it howled.

In Grímnismál, Garmr is mentioned as the best of hounds. See also Mánagarmr.



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